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Adjust Your Garage Door Photo Eye | Patrick's Garage Door

Adjust Your Garage Door Photo Eye

An automatic garage door’s photo eye is a built-in safety feature, designed to sense an obstruction and stop the door from closing. The goal is preventing injury to a pet or person or damaging a vehicle in its path.

The photo eye consists of two sensors about six inches above the ground, one on either side of the garage door. One sensor directs a beam at the other. If anything interrupts the beam, the sensor breaks the circuit and the door won’t close.

There are many reasons why your garage door photo eye sensors may not be functioning properly. You can check several things to adjust the sensors. Follow these seven steps to adjust the photo eye:

  1. What is the problem? If the garage door opens, but doesn’t close, or only partially closes then reopens, try adjusting the photo eye.
  2. Is anything blocking the sensors? The sensors are sensitive, and even small things in their path can break the circuit.
  3. Are the LED lights illuminated on the photo eye sensors? If the LED is unlit or flickering on one sensor, it may have been bumped. Try adjusting it slightly by hand. If the light is completely lit again, the door should function properly.
  4. Are the sensors dirty? Clean the sensors by wiping the lenses carefully with a damp cloth to clean off any dust, cobwebs, or dirt. Dry them with a clean cloth. After they are clean, try adjusting the sensors again to see if both LED lights are lit.
  5. Does adjusting the brackets holding the sensors resolve the issue? Make small adjustments to the bracket supporting one of the sensors by loosening the screws and bolts that secure it. Slightly move the bracket until the LED light comes on, and then tighten it in place.
  6. Are the sensors mounted at the same height? If they aren’t, have a garage door technician remount them.
  7. Has a wire leading to the photo eyes become twisted? Free twisted wires very carefully. If you detect wire damage, or if the door will not work even after you have tried adjusting the sensors, contact us for assistance.

The sensors are delicate and can easily become misaligned. If your garage door is not working correctly, it may be an indication that the photo eye requires adjustment.

The professional technicians at Patrick’s Garage Door Company are standing by to ensure that your garage door operates properly. Contact us for a free estimate.

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