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Are Metal Garage Doors Right for Your Oregon Home? | Patrick's

Are Metal Garage Doors Right for Your Oregon Home?

Are you looking for a durable, affordable garage door? Metal garage doors are one of the most popular choices for homes in the Pacific Northwest. Steel is the most common type of metal garage door. Aluminum is a good choice where salt and rust is a concern.

What makes steel garage doors ideal for Oregon and Washington? They’re affordable, durable and low maintenance. These sturdy doors are strong enough to endure the area’s rainy, windy climate.

What’s Your Style?

Metal doors can look traditional or contemporary. Raised panels are a classic look, and come in many different renditions. Minimalist styles look great in metal, too. Aluminum garage doors are often paired with glass for a sleek modern look.

Whatever style door you choose, increase the daylight in your garage by installing a door with windows. Windows make a garage more pleasant by allowing in natural light. If privacy is a concern, frosted panes are a good choice.

The sectional roll-up garage doors are a favorite style. This design works well for many homes. Some doors swing-out or slide open. These are good options if you need to keep the ceiling free of hardware. Roll-up style doors can be designed to look like sliding doors or carriage house doors.

Metal doors come a selection of colors. To get the best match, you may need to paint a door. Metal doors can look like natural wood when they’re finished with specialty textures and paints.

Why Not Wood?

A metal garage door treated to resemble wood is seen.

Metal garage doors stand up to wet weather, and they can be finished to look like wood.

Many people love the look of wood doors. However, wood doors swell and bind in wet weather. A door that expands doesn’t move smoothly in its frame. It will strain the motor in an automatic opener. Wood also requires frequent repainting to repair damage and prevent rot. Metal, by contrast, needs little care. A yearly cleaning is all that’s needed to keep the outside of a metal door looking good.

Should You Choose an Insulated Door?

Steel doors can be insulated to improve energy efficiency and comfort. Insulation also makes a garage quieter by blocking noise from the outside.

There are three basic choices in steel doors. Single-layer doors are the most affordable, but are not insulated. Doors with two layers have a galvanized steel outer layer with a polystyrene backing. Triple-layer doors have two layers of steel and a polystyrene layer. Doors with three layers provide the most insulation.

Steel doors also vary in thickness. Heavier gauge steel is sturdier but more expensive.

Finding the Best Value

The right steel garage door for your house depends on budget, desire for insulation and need for durability. Single layer steel doors are a good value for many homeowners. However, for those who need sturdier options, double or triple layer steel may be a better choice.

Patrick’s Garage Door Company will help you choose the perfect metal door for your home. Contact us for more information and a free quote.

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