Are Metal Garage Doors Right for Your Oregon Home?

Are you looking for a durable, affordable garage door? Metal garage doors are one of the most popular choices for homes in the Pacific Northwest. Steel is the most common type of metal garage door. Aluminum is a good choice where salt and rust is a concern.

What makes steel garage doors ideal for Oregon and Washington? They’re affordable, durable and low maintenance. These sturdy doors are strong enough to endure the area’s rainy, windy climate.
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Extend The Life of Your Garage Door

The lifespan of your garage door depends on a variety of factors, among them the materials used to construct the door, how often the door is used and whether regular preventative maintenance is performed.

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Adjust Your Garage Door Photo Eye

An automatic garage door’s photo eye is a built-in safety feature, designed to sense an obstruction and stop the door from closing. The goal is preventing injury to a pet or person or damaging a vehicle in its path.

The photo eye consists of two sensors about six inches above the ground, one on either side of the garage door. One sensor directs a beam at the other. If anything interrupts the beam, the sensor breaks the circuit and the door won’t close.
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Garage Door Security Mythbusters

There are many myths about garage door security, some of which may be giving Portland homeowners a slightly skewed picture of security risks and solutions.
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What Kind of Garage Door Springs Do I Have?

Garage door springs are what counterbalance the weight of the door in order to make it open and close. There are many types of garage door springs, which can be grouped into two general categories: torsion springs and extension springs.
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Garage Door & Garage Opener Maintenance

Patrick’s Garage Door Company believes that annual maintenance should be performed on your garage door and opener to keep them running smoothly and quietly.
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When to Call a Garage Door Specialist

1. You might find your car trapped in the garage one day when you are trying to get to work or to an appointment and the garage door will not open. What has most likely happened is that one or more of the springs broke, which would keep the door from rising; and could cause the side cables to fall off. When the tension in the spring is released, the cables become loose and can fall off the sides of the door. Patrick’s Garage Door Company normally recommends replacing both springs (if there are 2), because they have both been cycled the same number of times, and have the same amount of wear.
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