When to Call a Garage Door Specialist

1. You might find your car trapped in the garage one day when you are trying to get to work or to an appointment and the garage door will not open. What has most likely happened is that one or more of the springs broke, which would keep the door from rising; and could cause the side cables to fall off. When the tension in the spring is released, the cables become loose and can fall off the sides of the door. Patrick’s Garage Door Company normally recommends replacing both springs (if there are 2), because they have both been cycled the same number of times, and have the same amount of wear.

It’s like tires for your car. They all have the same amount of usage and wear. If one tire goes flat, the other tires are much more likely to deflate too in the near future.

With garage door springs, you can wait, and only replace 1 spring, but it is cheaper to do them at the same time and incur only one trip charge. Plus, since we are already at your home, you get a discount on the cost of the second spring!

2. One day you might hit the garage door button and see the opener running, but the garage door does not open! Take a look at the RED pull cord hanging down from the opener rail to see if it has been released. If so, then grab the cord and pull it toward the garage door to re-attach the opener to the door.

3. With all of our rainy weather, you might go into your garage one day and see a puddle of water from under the garage door. This is an easy fix! The weather-stripping around the garage door may have hardened or cracked. With a quick service call to Patrick’s Garage Door Company, we can replace your weather-stripping, and, perform a service check on both your opener and garage door while we are at your home.

4. Oh, no! Your child has just received a drivers license, accidentally steps on the gas instead of the brake, and crashes into your garage door! What should you do? Call Patrick’s Garage Door Company right away! We handle insurance claims for garage door damage. We will work with you and your insurance company, to quickly and professionally repair, or replace, your garage door.

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