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Garage Door Spring Repair

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Garage Door Spring Repair for Portland, Oregon Homes

Are your garage door springs worn out or broken? Our skilled technicians will come to your home to inspect, repair or replace the garage door springs in your Portland, Oregon residence. We have years of experience in spring repair, and our friendly garage door technicians are fast, efficient and thorough.

Springs Do the Heavy Lifting

Springs supply the muscle in a garage door. Your door may weigh several hundred pounds. The force in the coils counterbalances the door’s weight. Anyone can easily raise a properly balanced door that has the right springs functioning properly. Without these mechanisms, a garage door is difficult and dangerous to open and close. If your garage door springs are broken, you shouldn’t attempt to open the door until the springs are repaired by a qualified technician.


We provide repair, install, and sales of garage doors in Portland Oregon. We also service garage door openers and remotes. We offer free, no-obligation quotes for all of our services and we know our prices won’t be beat! Services are available in Portland, OR and surrounding areas.



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A Perfect Match

Garage door springs come in two configurations: extension and torsion. We can match what you already have or recommend a different type of coil. Some springs last longer than others. Torsion springs are a good choice because they’re durable and give your door a smooth action. A torsion spring may be rated for between 10,000 to 20,000 cycles of opening and closing. Extension springs are economical, but they can wear out faster than a torsion spring. Patrick’s Garage Door’s can install the ideal spring for your garage door and budget.

Springs Pack a Punch

The same force that makes a spring effective also makes it dangerous to repair. Removing and installing springs can be treacherous. A breaking spring unleashes a power that can hurt people and damage property. Patrick’s Garage Door’s technicians have the experience and tools to safely handle these devices. If you suspect there’s a broken or worn-out spring on your garage door, contact us.

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We understand the ups and downs of garage doors. Call us for a free quote if your Portland, Oregon garage door needs new springs.

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