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One of the cables for my garage door snapped and the door flew up and came crashing down, losing the top two panels. I call Patrick’s Garage door, they came out that day and looked it over. I thought I would have to replace it, but he was able to repair the door and it’s better than when I bought the house. He was quick, courteous and reasonably priced.

Jessica Cottam – August 2016

As a self-proclaimed handy man, I looked into tackling my garage door spring replacement on my own.. After a handful of Youtube videos, a trip to Home Depot and a conversation with my father, I chose a safer, trusted option. Call Patrick! Scheduling was easy, rates are fair, Christian my installer was on time, courteous and did a great job! Thanks guys!

M Heckinger – June 2016

We not only got a great deal on a new garage door through Patrick a few weeks ago and Aaron did an awesome job installing it … but we had something of ours fall on our garage door last night. John came out right away and fixed it the next morning. My friends recommended Patrick months ago and now I will be joining them in recommending this company. Great prices, great products, fast service and super customer service. They really want to make sure you are happy and that you are pleased with their super work.

Lori Leighton – April 2016

Second time using Patricks. Absolutely perfect from the receptionist, to Aaron the technician. Reasonably priced, NO up sell, ON TIME, professional looking vehicle and attire, options made available, just perfect. Used them twice for spring and opener issues, and I plan on using them again in the Spring for new door installation.

Skylar Valkama – February 2016

Fast and honest service to replace broken tension springs and weak support hinges. Patrick recommended a strength member for the garage door which had exhibited some sagging. This simple fix really improved the garage door operation. I would recommend this company for any garage door repairs.

Roger Herb – September 2015

Went to open by 2 car garage door first thing in the morning and BANG, broken spring. My back wasn’t up to lifting it manually. So with truck stuck in the garage it was a co worker to the rescue ride. Got to work and called Patricks, with my schedule I couldn’t get off work and home until 6:30 for the next 5 days, Patrick offered to come out later and get me taken care of, said he’d hate to see me stranded for a few extra days until I could make something work. SAME DAY he came out and replaced both springs, recommended I change all the rollers (since he didnt push me I was happy enough to say DO IT) and he even adjusted my second little door no extra charge! In my opinion it was a very reasonable price and he did it all in about an hour. Huge thanks, especially since I’m such a DIY home owner, this was really the smarter way to go.

Shawn B – July 2015

The guys at Patrick’s Garage Door Co. did a great job installing my new garage door. They were quick and efficient and showed up on time.It cost a little more than I wanted, but I followed the advice of other reviews and went with Patrick’s. This is the guy to use if you want quality and you want it done right. I would use him again if I needed to, but I doubt I will because my garage door is so boss…
Definitely recommend.

Jared Armstrong – April 2015

My husband was convinced he could replace our garage door tension springs after watching a youtube video… 3 hours and $170 in parts later, the door still would not work. After reading the great reviews for Patrick’s, I gave him a call. What a nice guy! He was able to schedule my door repair for the very next day. The tech arrived on time, was super kind and friendly. The best part was: he was done repairing the door in 15 minutes! My garage door is running smoothly, and it is super quiet now. The repair only cost a few dollars more than the replacement parts my husband had bought (but had to return) to try and fix it himself. Thank you Patrick! Great service, great prices!

Traci Ludlow – August 2014

I called Patrick late on a Thursday night and he offered to come fix my door that night. It wasn’t an emergency and I said Friday would work well. He showed up on time and ready to do his job. He showed me what had happened and why and explained what he was going to do to fix the problem. He was in and out within an hour with a job well done!

Brian C – August 2014

After years of being frustrated and disappointed by the shoddy work and attitude of Brown’s Overhead Door (hey, they used to be good!), I decided it was time to find a new garage door repairman. (the spring on our door suddenly broke, and our car was trapped inside).

I called Patrick’s and left a message. He called back within 10 minutes, and was able to come out the very next day. He set up a two-hour window, then called again within that time frame to narrow down when he’d be here.

He was professional, friendly, and personable. Oh yeah, and more importantly, he fixed the door, He also advised me of some weatherstripping repairs that will be needed before next fall, and told me I could do it myself or call him, and wrote down exactly which parts I’d need.

And if that wasn’t enough, he lubricated everything and lined up the door with the track, as well as did some maintenance on the other door. Above and beyond the call of duty!

He put a handy little sticker with business name and phone number next to the door opener buttons (smart move, guys!) so you’ll remember who to call next time.

His price seemed reasonable to me. Looks like I’ve found my new garage repair guy!

Janna Nichols – July 2014

Patrick’s Garage Door Company has now responded quickly to my broken springs twice now in the past 10 years! Just a couple weeks ago we called on a Saturday, and Patrick fit us in first thing Monday afternoon! I am so pleased with his service and his memory, He remembered the first time he had been at our house which was almost 8 years ago! Thank you Patrick

Kim Anne – June 2014

Yesterday we experienced a problem with our garage door control beeping every 30 seconds accompanied by a red light appearing under the housing. It was quite annoying. After a brief search for service providers, we called Patrick. He promptly answered our call and was most helpful with a diagnosis over the phone, which he traced to a backup battery problem. He quoted his very reasonable service fee, and we set up an appointment for him to travel from his office in Vancouver to our home in Woodland the next morning. He arrived on time, swiftly overcame a couple of challenges on the housing unit to extract, then installed a new battery, and finished up by lubing/servicing the entire door, plus the door in an adjacent smaller garage. We could not speak more highly of his all-around professionalism. Thanks, Patrick!!

Frank Hoetker – November 2013

I was very impressed. Fast honest service. Didn’t try to up sell me on anything. Replaced both springs on my garage door for a reasonable price. Very personable and polite. I would recommend Patrick’s Company highly.

Becky Waage – May 2013

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